What is Inner Dimension?

It's part science fiction, part paranormal, and a little bit spiritual, tying the real world to a new world that goes far beyond mankind's comprehension. Three people go missing in the real world and find themselves in this new world where the danger is yet unknown and escape may be the least of their worries.  As this new world is accidentally discovered by more people, the story grows into something incredible, leading up to a thrilling conflict putting not only the Earth at stake, but the entire universe.


Nathaniel, an oddly dressed British gentleman, has been stuck here a long time and may know more than he's telling. Fourteen-year-old Toby and football star Derrick are newcomers, but soon realize that once inside the Inner Dimension, it is nearly impossible to get back. To succeed, they must forget everything they've ever known about the real world.  Stay tuned...


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Who We Are

Kasha Fauscett Kasha Fauscett,

My name is Kasha Fauscett. I’m an actress and producer.

My goal is to inspire. Acting is as much a part of me as taking my next breath. What I want most from my acting career is to make people feel. It’s all about feeling, thinking, learning, and having fun creating something that is beautiful.

Ketrick 'Jazz' Copeland Ketrick "Jazz"
Copeland, Co-Producer

Ketrick "Jazz" Copeland was born and raised in Senatobia, Mississippi, a small town 30 minutes South of Memphis, Tennessee. He attended Rust College and earned a B.A. degree in Television Productions. He has worked at major television stations as a videographer and editor. Ketrick was a professional show basketball player for 7 years and retired in 2008 to pursue acting. He has appeared in commercials, indie feature films, short films, student films, and industrial videos.

In 2009 he started his own production company called Jazzy K Productions which came from his nickname "Jazz". Ketrick co-starred in "Self Portrait" in the Summer of 2010 which was also his first feature film as a co-producer. Ketrick has since worked on several films as an actor including the award winning feature film “Spirit of Love”, The Honey Cooler, The African Guest among several other features and shorts. Also on his resume is Hecate which is a short horror film that he directed and co-produced along with the upcoming Sci-Fi TV show Inner Dimension in which Ketrick will co-produce and co-star in. There are several more projects in the works for Ketrick so stay tuned.

You can find out more about him at www.ketrickcopeland.com or follow him on twitter @KetrickCopeland or on Facebook.

Danielle Douglas Danielle Douglas,

Danielle Douglas has always had an extreme passion in the film/TV industry since a very young age. She has a background of being an Executive/Production Assistant and Event Coordinator with many talents including, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Artist and is a Portrait Photographer for her company DLD Photography. Danielle is a Colorado Native enjoying all the state has to offer and with her love of the arts and immense enthusiasm for production and organization she will be an amazing asset to the Inner Dimension family.

Sam Wickey Sam Wickey,
Art Director

Sam Wickey came from one of the strictest Amish religions that have ever existed. He has an amazing set of skills and talents. He is extraordinarily gifted on many levels artistically which will be a gift to the “Inner Dimension” world.

Many of his talents include the art of painting, sculpting, dancing, acting, directing and videography, just to name a few.

Wickey has been directing film for 3 years and has a feature length film in the final stages of post-production soon to premiere.

Samples of his work can be seen on his website: www.sambronze.com.

Troy Fauscett Troy Fauscett,

Writing has always come to Troy naturally, although being a writer never occurred to him as he soared through his English courses over the years. Troy’s first foray into writing was a novel titled “Joe”; however, he soon found that what he really wanted to do was entertain people on TV or the big screen. This desire led him to write his first screenplay “Self Portrait”, a drama-thriller starring his wife Kasha Fauscett, Chad Nell and Ketrick (Jazz) Copeland.

Troy has since completed the TV pilot “Inner Dimension” – a paranormal/sci-fi journey into the unknown. Down the road, Troy also has two feature projects in the works. “Joe” will not go away, it seems, but may be more appropriate as a gritty network series. Given all the projects in GMP’s queue however, “Joe” will have to wait.

On a personal level, Troy’s musical taste is broadened, including everything from old-school country to hip-hop to hard-edged metal. Good music inspires Troy to write, good movies inspire Troy to write better. Troy’s literary favorites are Stephen King, Michael Crichton, John Grisham and J.K. Rowling.

Mark Mook Mark Farago,
Post Production Supervisor/Editor

Born in Manhattan and raised half his life in Europe, Mark graduated top of his class at The Los Angeles Film School in 2005, he moved back to Europe to pursue a career in Film & TV. He started out as an Assistant Editor for major Production Companies. He has worked with people like Andy Vajna and was also offered a job overseas to work on The Borgias.

From 2006 he worked for Europe’s largest TV Network as an editor, and quickly became Post Production Supervisor. He has edited over 350 episodes for a series for the TV Station. He has also worked on several Feature Films.

He is an expert of Avid Media Composer and After Effects. He taught Avid online and in Europe as well.

Mark is very precise & meticulous about editing and believes his work is complete when he has reached a level of insanity during the Post Production process.

As a teenage entrepreneur Mark founded Europe’s first 24/7 Electronic Online Radio Station which quickly became the most popular Electronic Radio Station in Europe.

In his early 20’s he used to produce Electronic Music which were released by major labels on Compilation CD’s in Europe.

Mark has always had a passion for Film & TV. His mentor was Academy Award Nominated Danford B. Greene (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0338714/)

Antoine M. Dillard Antoine M. Dillard,
Visual Effects/
VFX Supervisor

Visual Effects artist and occasional Motion Design & Environmental Artist. Best known for his Visual Effects Role in Inner Dimension. Antoine M Dillard received Master's Of Fine Arts Degree in Special Effects Animation from Digital Media Arts College in 07' & Bachelor of Arts Degree at The Art Institute of Phoenix in 05'. He is a strong advocate for hard-work, continued education & thinking progressively. His professional interests focus on Visual Effects, Motion Design, & Environmental Art. He serves as an Advisory Board Member for Front Range Community Collage, and is a member of ASIFA-Colorado & The Denver Film Society.

He & the cast of the Hecate film was honored with a JURIED AWARD win at the 2013 Intendence Film Festival in the "Horror: Colorado Filmmaker" category.

Kacey Lutz Kacey Lutz,

Kacey is a native of Colorado and has had a passion for video and film ever since she was little girl. She first attended Ohio Center for Broadcasting to become a sports broadcaster but realized that being behind the scenes was a better suite. She then went to Colorado Film School and found her passion in editing. Being able to make a masterpiece out of other people's beauty has become a huge passion of hers. After graduating with a post production degree she has worked on many short films nominated in film festivals, music videos, and short web-series and is very excited to start on this next adventure with "Inner Dimension."

Doug Gallob Doug Gallob,

Doug had been making music for years when he discovered he also had a knack and passion for audio engineering. He's been making movies sound good ever since.

Lisa Henke Lisa Henke,
Hair/Makeup Artist

Lisa Henke was born with fashion/beauty in her blood! At a young age she has produced and sold her own brand of lip-gloss, designed her own clothes, and completed image designing for local bands, Outlander and Croix. She gained experience early on in t heatre production where she designed and applied hair, costumes and stage make-up. Continuing her education and furthering her skills she attended C.S.U. for Fashion Design, and achieved the honor of class valedictorian at Xenon’s International School of Hair Design.

Lisa specializes in image consulting and designing, including hair, make-up/FX and fashion/costume for any event or perfecting your own look. Lisa has been privileged to win several awards in make-up and hair competitions. She was part of the exciting experience of being a judge for Fantasy Competitions for 3 years, plus working backstage on Matrix hair shows, for 5 years.

As far as media, she has print work, headshots, shorts, music videos, and full feature film experience under her belt. She feels she was a valuable asset enhancing the end result with research, continuity and consistency. Lisa believes in creating quality work, balancing time and perfectionism, while being team-oriented. She has initiative, creativity, and is not afraid of responsibility or commitment. Lisa has actors/actresses, musicians and dancers among her wonderful list of clientele and has an excellent repartee. She continues to progress her art by keeping her mind open to avenues of knowledge and new opportunities.

Lisa’s aspirations are to further her career as a freelance hairstylist, make-up artist/FX, image consultant and image designing company. Striving to provide only absolute excellence for all different types of individuals, clients, companies and productions.

Van Van Fischer,

Van's passion for art and movies at a young age has allowed him to enjoy getting involved in today's realm of VFX, 3D and animation. A recent graduate of The Art Institute of Colorado, Van has jumped right into the fire that is the modern digital age. Armed with tools such as Maya, ZBrush, Nuke & After Effects, Van strives to have fun creating the future of visual art.

Music by BrunuhVille Music by

BrunuhVille is an independent composer from Portugal who creates a world of magic and fantasy between the fusion of Gothic, Orchestral, Celtic, Folk, Movie, Ethnic and World music.

Joseph R. Kummer, Attorney Joseph R. Kummer,

Joseph Kummer is an active civil litigator who handles a wide range of cases including construction defect matters, homeowners association disputes, commercial truck, bus, and vehicle accidents, premises liability claims, commercial leasing and tenant litigation, real estate disputes and complex civil litigation. Mr. Kummer has tried both jury and bench trials involving personal injury, breach of contract, homeowners associations, bus and automobile accidents, and premises liability and arbitrations involving construction defects. Mr. Kummer has successfully resolved numerous cases prior to trial through motions practice and effective settlement negotiations. He has represented a variety of clients in all phases of complex civil litigation and demonstrated an extraordinary ability to effectively evaluate and manage lawsuits to a successful conclusion.

Jeff Taziri Jeff Taziri,
Still Photographer

Jeff Taziri is a professional portrait photographer. Jeff's love of photography started at a young age when he had the opportunity to observe a portrait studio. From that time forward he has enjoyed continually learning about photography and advancing his skills. In 2005 Jeff launched his own photography business Tazphoto and focused on studio portrait photography. His work includes model portfolios, professional headshots, wedding pictures, senior pictures, family, baby, pet and individual portraits. Clients who have worked with Jeff state that he is kind, courteous and professional. Jeff can be contacted jefftaziri(at)gmail(dot)com.

Silvia Taziri Silvia Taziri,
Assistant Script

Silvia started in the modeling business back in 1995. In 1996 Silvia won the JC Penny's Hispanic Designers Model Search (State Level), she went on to get 2nd place at the International level. She then modeled for JC Penny and their designers for about four years and she was included as the judge for future competitions.

Silvia received her degree in Computer Science and Network Administration and she quit her modeling career. For eleven years she worked in the Telecommunications Industry.

Silvia also worked as an Art Director for photo shoots since 2008 part-time for her husband's photography business.

A couple years ago she started modeling again and decided to get into acting as well.

Mark Mook Mark Mook,
Director of Photography

If you see a camera rolling, Marks probably not far away. When he is not acting in front of the camera you will find him working behind the camera. Mark started his production career like many others as a Grip and PA. He quickly was assigned to other crew positions, Script Supervisor, Continuity, Gaffer, and Production Manager. In 2012 he was brought on as an Actor and Production Manager in We Drink It Black's short film "Aquaphobia" which won Best Experimental Film at the 2013 Intendence Film Festival. His first Director of Photography gig "The Music Box" by Underfire Studios won 2012 Phenom Film Fest Best Film in 1Story3Visions Contest. Mark has operated 2nd Camera on several of Drai Lloyd's music video's including "Slam Pam Suno" which was an Official Selection to 2013 Denver Stars Film Festival. He is also on the Screening Board for the Denver based Emerging Filmmakers Project which showcases local films the third Thursday of every month.

Michael McMahon Michael McMahon,

Did you ever have an idea you just could not pin down on paper or worked with a client and a list of requirements with a foggy direction of where to go next? My passion is to bring to life the imagination of those around me and put ideas down on the proverbial canvas.

My gift is the ability to dig deep into the root of any creative challenge, define specific needs and create solutions to meet those needs. We have an enormity of creative tools at our fingertips with great joy I look at each project to determine the most efficient software to complete each task in order to create clean, visually stunning products that most importantly expresses the ideas intended for the viewer.

In this ever-changing creative battlefield it is tremendously imperative to keep abreast trends and design standards but also necessary to break out of molds and innovate new proprietary design standards. I am passionate about art in any form. I spend much of my personal life analyzing nature, industry and the lives of those I meet for inspiration.

I have spent many years expanding and nurturing my craft in order to help you create a positive visual narrative. I am on the hunt for an opportunity to bring my creative visual experiences to your next project. Together let us bring our imaginations to life!

Mark D'Errico Mark D'Errico,

Mark D'Errico was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1964. He started playing keyboards at age 16. He has performed in many rock and blues bands over the years.

Mark moved from Ottawa, Canada to Boulder, Colorado in 1998. He quickly built his own home studio ("Boulder Manhattan Studio") and started writing and recording electronic, ambient, rock, instrumental and orchestral music.

He released his first CD, "Out of Bounds" in 2001. His second CD, Faithless Masque", was released in 2002. A third CD is currently being worked on.

Being a multi-keyboardist since 1980, he knows how to evoke the deepest feelings from his music. Whether it's eerie and tense or soft and heartfelt, his music carries your imagination to places it's never been before.

In 2002, Mark starting scoring movies and animations. Since then, he has scored over 65 feature films and shorts.

He has scored films in many genres such as horror, suspense, drama, comedy and science-fiction. He specializes in thrillers and dramas - movies that require very emotional and powerful music. Or music that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

He has also started scoring video games as well. Mark has also been accepted to score many more films in the next several months.

Maurice Cox Maurice Cox,
Visual Effects Compositor

Maurice Cox is a Visual Effects Compositor for film and television. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He later moved to Orlando, Florida where he graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in Computer Animation in April of 2010. Later in 2010 he moved to Los Angeles, California. Where for four years he worked for Deluxe LLC. dba. Stereo D. There he was responsible for generating 3D composites and paint for comps. For the past year he has worked abroad in India and England.Working on such films as Captain America Winter Solider, Need for Speed and Hercules. He's very dedicated to his work and very excited to help put Denver artist on the map.

Learn more about Maurice at http://coxmau.wix.com/mccompositor or follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DigitalCreationsbyMauriceCox.

Tim Glasser Timothy Michael Glasser,
3D Modeler

Tim graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado in 2010.

He is an Artist & Writer. "Art is and always has been my passion."

From the age of 4 Tim has worked on his craft, cultivating and forming his talents into two specific realms: Surrealism, and Science Fiction. As a result He has broadened his talents to include: Marker Concepts, Matte Painting, Comic Books, 3D Models in Maya, 3Ds Max 7, Storyboards, Set Design, to Writing & building 3D production Models and Rigs. He possesses a rare and unique skill set that truly is remarkable. From, 2D Concept Art to 3D Modeling, His expertise and talent shines under pressure.

"Having Tim Glasser on my team was quite a treat. Tim exhibits a passion for 3D in all aspects of production." - Robert Adams- Microsoft 3D Lead.

For all his works please check out the following sites:

Scott Unruh Scott Unruh,
VFX-Modeling-Motion Graphics

Emmy nominated with over 14 years of professional media experience in print, web and video, as well as a solid knowledge of color theory, and a traditional graphic design background.

Bryan Rothrock Bryan Rothrock,
Post Audio Engineer

Mr. Rothrock has worked in the entertainment industry since 2000. He has designed sound on over 45 theatrical shows and has toured the world with various productions including Disney On Ice. Mr. Rothrock has worked with Grammy, Oscar and Tony winning artists.

Bryan has worked in production and post production audio departments on several productions for clients such as ESPN 30 fro 30 and Beach Riot Films. Several projects such as “Lime” and “Caves: The Social Undergound” have had success at film festivals and have won several awards. With over 20 credits for editing,designing and mixing, Bryan is continuing to be active in audio theatre for the Colonial Radio Theatre Company.

Bryan was born and raised in Golden Colorado and has lived in California, New York, Hawaii, Nevada, South Carolina and Georgia. He has spent time as an aircraft mechanic and has recently received his Master of Fine Arts in Sound Design from Savannah College of Artsand Design and received his Bachelors of Science in Music from The University of Colorado @ Denver in 1999.

Bryan has been inspired by artists such as Nam Jun pair and Stan Brakhage to explore and refine his craft. Traveling to Iceland, Mongolia and Ireland are in his plans.

Stephen Donnelly Stephen Donnelly

Stephen Donnelly was born in Joliet, Illinois to loving parents Edward and Norma. He began his creative career at age 7 with the Butterfly Poem, "I saw with my eye a small butterfly - I had one look, then off it took." His love for storytelling and the arts was further inspired by his two great loves, Star Trek and the Beatles. He was fortunate to attend Rincon High School in Tucson, Arizona where he was further inspired by a rich media curriculum. He won several awards for Acting and Directing and by age 17 had found his true calling. Always a writer, he began his film making career with the aptly titled, "Oh, Shit!" After a short stint in broadcast television, Stephen was given an edit system and never looked back. Since 1992 he has been writing, producing and editing commercials, trailers, long-form promotional, episodic television and feature films. In 2011, he published The Beatles Discography, a guide to the songs and releases of the Beatles. In 2015 he formed the Rincon Media Group, which has roots that stretch back to his high school days. Stephen said of his creation, "I have created a space in the spirit of John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band - anyone working with me is a part of the Rincon Media Group."

Kevin Sampron Kevin Sampron
Paranormal Investigator

Kevin Sampron starring as himself – Kevin holds a Computer Science degree from the Denver Institute of Technology and he is the President and founder of Spirit Paranormal Investigations. By day Kevin works as a highly skilled computer professional for Hewlett-Packard Inc., and by night, he hunts in the shadows for evidence of ghosts and the afterlife. Kevin began his career in ghost hunting back in 2003 after capturing the voice of his deceased Mother at her graveside. This proved to him, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that ghosts and other spiritual dimensions really do exist. Kevin has personally captured and experienced many amazing paranormal events over the years, and he has been featured in various newsprint, movies, television, and radio shows including 9NEWS, Colorado’s Everyday Show, KOSI 101, Alice 105.9, The Peter Boyles Show, YourHub, KBDI Denver, CNN, The Castle Film Project, The Denver Post, and BIO Channel’s My Ghost Story.

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